IMG_0656 Nadia Naa Ardua Allotey is a third year student of Central University College where she studies Business Administration specifically, Agribusiness Management. In addition to her academics, she sings and plays basketball. She also loves reading and motivating people.

Nadia has always liked to help people in her own small way whenever she was in a position to do so and this was what prompted her to volunteer with the Girls Education Initiative Ghana (GEIG). She teaches English to the girls of GEIG and hopes she can help the girls realise their dreams. She also volunteers with Agripro Ghana, an agribusiness cluster of companies.

She tells us that her time with GEIG has been fun throughout and she doesn’t recall a day when she has found things difficult. “I love what I do at GEIG, my passion for the work makes everything I do fun. I meet so many people and it has broadened my scope.”
She believes that the activities of GEIG gives the girls the needed exposure and provide them with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Nadia is grateful to GEIG for the opportunity to be a part of something this wonderful and hopes that the organisation will receive the needed support from all.


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