Education and Personal Development- #womenwhoinspireus

13268157_992885774127579_9067587397881286298_oThe Women who Inspire Us speaker and workshop series is the first activity of the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG’s GEIG Leads leadership development and mentoring program. GEIG aims to host three events each school year. In our first regional Women who Inspires Us program, we partnered with Esreso D/A 2 junior high school to host Ms. Naomi Kokuro and Mrs. Lady Agyei Boatemaa as they spoke on the theme of “unlocking your potential: the role of education.” Naomi Kokuro is a 29 years Operations Logistics Manager for a company called Clean Team Ghana Limited based in Kumasi. Mrs. Lady Agyei Boatemaa is an ICT tutor at Juaben Senior High School. She was awarded the Most hardworking and well behaved female teacher (2012) – Juaben Senior High School and the National Best Teacher in “Innovative Use of ICT in Education (2013) – Ghana

GEIG beneficiaries in the Ashanti region reflect on their takeaways from the event below:


On Friday 20th May 2016, we had a program that was held at Esreso DA 2 JHS. I was the Co-Mc for the program. There were two speakers and they both talked about education. I learnt a lot from their presentations and some of them are

  • Failure is not the end. Is true if someone falls, the person can stand again so if we fail we should not take it as the end because practice makes a man perfect.
  • Staying positive. We should always stay positive not negative.
  • If one dream dies, find another dream. If your dream was to be a doctor and that doesn’t come true, dream another. Don’t stop dreaming and it will help us.
  • Also we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because if a person is brilliant than you, we shouldn’t say I am not brilliant but we should say I want to be like him or her. Therefore, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people.

I also learnt that if our parents don’t have money to buy our basic needs we shouldn’t worry. Again lack of parental care can also lead to social vices.


20th May 2016 was one of our best workshop ever. We went to school and then left for the program that was been held at Esreso DA 2 JHS.

I learnt a lot from Madam Lady Agyei Boatemaa and Ms Naomi Kokuro. The two speakers were really good and I was inspired by both of them. I learnt that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. We should know that failure isn’t forever and when one fails, the person should keep on trying because the person will succeed one day. We were also taught of the challenges that prevent girls from coming to school such poverty and lack of parental guidance and care. Peer pressure and the want to be like others when our parents cannot provide or get us what we need.

I introduced the second speaker MS. Naomi Kokuro before she gave her presentation and I am very glad I did the introduction.

The workshop was really great. I had fun and loved the program.


Women Who Inspire Us was held at my school, Esreso DA 2 JHS on 20th May 2016. Three speakers came there to talk about their life stories. They were Madam Lady Agyei Boatemaa, Ms Naomi Kokuro and Mrs Comfort Serwaa Addae.

Madam Lady Agyei Boatemaa was the first speaker who spoke to us. She talked about education and how it affects the society. We first looked at education. After the discussion, she talked about how education has made her successful and she is now a teacher. She also advised us to take our learning serious.  After that, Ms Naomi Kokuro also talked about her life story and how her parent helped her to become what she is now. She also talked about education and she advised us that we should have role models. She explained to us the difference between a role model and a mentor.

She also told us to stay positive and also ask questions when we are in need. She also said we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. After that we were divided into groups where we discussed some of the things that affect us in our society that prevents us from going to school.

I enjoyed the program and it was very inspiring and motivating.


The first speaker, Madam Lady inspired us on how to be ourselves, learn to be ourselves and she also taught us to be intelligent and how to appear decent. She also talked about some of the things that affect the education of girls. She raised a very broad topic on the matter. She also taught us the way to keep ourselves clean during menstruation period and ended by saying every girl is a star so girls we should shine bright like a star and go towards our education and be great people in future and change the standard of living in Ghana. She again said that no matter what the problem or how hard it is, we should focus on our education.

13268145_992885730794250_6841579437349264495_oThe next speaker was Ms Naomi Kokuro, a very inspiring lady. She is very vigilant and nice to people. She first talked about being true and having patience. She made a comment that I liked very much. She said ‘’I am fat but still rock in my fatness’’. This made me have hope in my fatness. She told us that we should not try to be or copy someone. She said you can copy the good behaviour of the person and leave the bad ones. She also said that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others and also we should know that failure isn’t foreverShe is very special and I think everyone there loved her.

After that, we broke into groups and talked about somethings that which stops girls from going to school and comments from the boys indicated that they also have problems and there should be support for boys’ education too.

The program was great and I was inspired.



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