Thank You for the Gift of Literacy


IMG_20180117_135759Thank you for giving us to get access to know how to use the kindle, we appreciate your generous giving. May God bless you so much for the kindness you have extended to us. We are grateful.


Thank you for giving us to get to know how to use the kindle and communicating with friends abroad. We appreciate your generous giving.


Your giving has become a source of better education for us. May God reward you for whatever you have given.


Thank you for your support. We are grateful for thinking about our future and giving towards it.


Without you continuous support and contribution we would never have achieved the success we are enjoying today. Thank you for your help and your support will be forever be remembered and treasured in our hearts.


IMG_20180117_135646 Thank you for your kindness and grateful for support this reading club.


Thank you for giving us the kindle and thank you for supporting our education. May God bless you.


Thank you for supporting and sponsoring to help us have access to use kindle for reading, because of this kindle I have been able to learn meanings of many words, so your support will always be remembered. Thank you.

Fidaus Abdul Malik.

  1. Dear,

We thank you for advertising and supporting us to use this machine because not every pupil or student will get this kind of opportunity. We are most delighted for using this machine, with this, may God richly bless you.


Thank your for supporting the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, without your continuous support and contributions we would never have achieved the success are enjoying today. Nobody could have done your work better. You have made everything easier for all of us. Thanks for your help. God richly bless you.


I have heard of you have been advertising us with all these reading machines and I want to thank you for supporting us and giving us the access to read. I am very grateful for what you are doing for us. Thank you once again and may God bless you.


I thank you for supporting as with E-readers. Amy God bless you for your support and helping us to speak and learn good English. Thank you for supporting girls to acquire knowledge in education.


I thank you for your support and supporting the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, because of your support and kindness to us we are able to get the opportunity to use E-readers. I will not forget this opportunity and experience. May God richly bless you.


Thank you for supporting and improving girl child education. You have brought courage into girls to attend school to become somebody in the future. Thank you for allowing us to get access to the kindle.


Thank you for supporting education worldwide and especially here in my school. I am now a good in English because of the kindle. We will not forget your goodness and your kindness.



Thank you for providing us with this club so we can speak good English and finding meanings and learning new words.


Thank you because of your support we have been able to connect with other students in other country.


We appreciate what you have done for us, thank you for supporting with the Kindles for learning and building my vocabulary. Thank you for more.


Your love for us through giving is much appreciated. Thank you for thinking about us.





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